Privacy Policy

    We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information held is accurate, up-to-date, complete, relevant, not misleading and is used only for the purposes stated in this policy. We will not hold customer details for longer than is required for the purpose for which the information was originally gathered and lawfully used.

    We will ensure that security safeguards protect the information and we will take all reasonable steps to ensure that information will not be disclosed to any unauthorised person or organisation. We will not disclose any personal information about you to a person, body or an agency who is not entitled to obtain this information. We do not share your details with third party companies, with the exception of sub-contractors. Such companies and individuals will have access to specific personal information required to make site visits at our request, but may not use your details for any other purposes.

    You are entitled to obtain from us confirmation as to whether or not we hold such personal information and you shall have access to this information. You may also request to have corrections or changes made to this information. You may also request that your details do not appear on our database. You can make change requests to your personal information or request removal by contacting

    It is necessary for you to register your details with us in order to place online requests through our website, however you have the right to choose not to receive emails or mailers from us that are not related to your orders or enquiries.

    The information is held by:

    Alldoor Services Limited
    40 Bouverie Street, Petone
    Wellington, New Zealand

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