Manual Door Closers

The manual door closer is the most common unit that we see through out many buildings. They are taken for granted and often ignored.

They are fitted to many types of doors and come in the following.

Overhead Closers
These small cost effective units are mounted onto manual swing doors to ensure that the doors close in a controlled and safe manner. The door closers are able to be fitted in a number of different ways and to a large variety of doors. Overhead closers only allow the door swing in one direction.

The cheaper closers have a fixed strength and come in 3 different sizes. The correct closer strength is needed to ensure the best operation of the door. The mid to top end closers are avaliable in an adjustable strength and are better suited to large doors or windy situations.

We have closers suited for all applications including fire and smoke stop doors which require certain features and certification to comply.

Floor Springs
This type of manual door is mounted in the floor underneath the door. The door is then mounted onto the floor spring by way of a shoe. The door is then held at the top by a pivot and a bush.

This type of closer allows the door to swing in both directions.

There are numerous old floor Springs all around NZ.

The Gibbons make of closer has not been available new in NZ since 1976. All Doors have recognised the need for a replacement and have come up with a new retro fit system that allows a new modern closer to be fitted into an old Gibbons floor spring box. Thereby not disturbing the floor finish or covering.

The upgrade kit allows the new unit to be fitted with out changing the outward appearance of the door.

Saves alot of time and hassel!!

There are a number of new Floor Springs on the market.

They are suitable for all types of doors, including:

  • Aluminium framed doors
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Smoke stop and fire doors (if correctly rated)

Floor spring operated doors require a suggested 6 month service program.

The older units have an open oil bath system and over time the mineral content in the oil will evaporate and the oil level will drop. When the level gets too low, the closer will loose control and the door starts to close too fast. In extreme cases the door will start to slam heavily. This creates a major safety issue.

All doors are able to supply the full range of floor springs to suit all applications. We also offer a refurbishment program on some closers.

CTC's (concealed transom closers)
These units are mounted at the head of the door in the transom. Generally this type of closer is used in new Aluminium joinery. (SAves cutting a hole in the floor)

Doors mounted on a CTC are able to open in both directions. This type of closer can accept the following types of doors:

  • Aluminium Framed Doors
  • Frameless Glass Doors
  • Timber Doors
  • Smoke stop and fire doors (if correctly rated)

The CTC requires a suggested 6 monthly service as the arm component of the system can come loose and prematurely wear if it is not keep tight.

A consideration should be made when adding additional security like maglocks to doors that are operated by Floor springs and CTC’s.

Both of these manual closers are designed to allow the door to open in both directions. When the door is passing the zero position (closed position) the closer is in its weakest position. (the internal springs have returned to their almost full length)

With the addition of a maglock, the door is only required to swing one way and then close against the magnet. It is in this position that the closer is at it's weakest.

We see all the time worn Floor Spring/CTC closers that have had mag locks added were the door can remain insecure because of windage holding the door off the magnet. A major security risk.

Our Solution
Our solution for this is to modify the floor spring/CTC and turn it into a pivot only unit. (a simple hinge system) or in some cases we can modify the closer to work differently then the original design and actually pull the door closed everytime. We then add an overhead closer to the door and this allows the door to pivot the same and close in the correct and controller manner.

Please contact us if you require any additional information concerning manual closers.

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